Spirometry is one of the tests of lung function. The most important spirometry test is FVC (Forced Vital Capacity).
The other spirometry tests are the CV (Vital Capacity or Slow Vital Capacity) and the VMM (Maximum Per Minute Ventilation).
Forced Vital Capacity

In order to obtain reliable results, a good preparation of the test is of crucial importance. It is essential to explain the maneuver very clearly to the patient. Ideally the patient breathes comfortably in the device during your explanations so that he can see his flow / volume curve on the screen in real time.
The results of spirometry are compared with theoretical or predicted values, which are calculated from the patient’s age, sex, size, and ethnic group.
The morphology of the spirometric curve is of enormous importance. This is the first indication of the quality of the test: by looking at the morphology of the curve a trained person can immediately see if the spirometry test has been performed by the patient.
A concave curve is very suggestive for bronchial obstruction.