The Lyon Saint Exupery Aeronautical Medicine Center was created in 2017 by professional Pilots in activity (also health professionals) to offer pilots the best medical monitoring experience by taking into account the specificity of their activities.

Ideally located near the terminals, in a high professionalism, the center tends to accompany the pilots in their professional lives


About The Examinations

Electrocardiogram ECG

The electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) is a diagnostic tool that is routinely used to assess the electrical and muscular functions of the heart. While it is a relatively simple test to perform, the interpretation of the ECG tracing requires significant amounts of training. Numerous textbooks are devoted to the subject.


What is an audiogram? The audiogram is a graph which gives a detailed description of your hearing ability and which can be described as a picture of your sense of hearing. A hearing test performed by a hearing health care professional comprises a number of tests which can help to determine whether or not a patient is suffering from


Determining the type and cause of your hearing loss can be like a putting together a puzzle, and the many tests that make up a thorough hearing evaluation are like pieces to that puzzle. Often used to assess the function of the middle ear, tympanometry is one test that can determine whether your hearing loss can be helped by


The diagnosis of conductive hearing loss is usually based on audiological methods and radiology. The aim of our study was to show that there is a useful additive method to clarify the findings of diseases with conductive hearing loss. Patients (151 ears) with conductive hearing loss were examined using several methods:


Spirometry is a simple, painless and very reliable technique to measure lung function or lung capacity and then graphically depict it. Through this test, a doctor can establish with certainty whether someone is suffering from obstructive pulmonary disease, and one can also monitor the evolution of the disease.

Blood analyse

A blood test is a laboratory analysis performed on a blood sample that is usually extracted from a vein in the arm using a hypodermic needle, or via fingerprick. Multiple tests for specific blood components, such as a glucose test or a cholesterol test, are often grouped together into one test panel called a blood panel or blood work.

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License Types and General Information

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Commercial Pilot License

In addition to enjoying the privileges of the LAPL and PPL licenses, the CPL license entitles you to act as a co-pilot in a commercial aviation aircraft, or as a pilot-in-command in an aircraft requiring only one pilot

Airline Transport Pilot License

This license allows you, in addition to enjoying the privileges of the licenses LAPL, PPL, MPL, CPL, to be pilot-in-command of an airliner

Flight Instructor

An instructor is a pilot who provides the flight instruction required for the issuance of a license or pilot qualification.

Private Pilot License

PPL (private pilot license) – Private Pilot License
This is the ultimate license if you want to drive anywhere in the world.
It is also a mandatory passage if you plan to head to a career in commercial aviation.

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